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More than anything, we want you to enjoy the process of making, whatever that might look like for you. And we are here to inspire you with ideas and assist you with unique patterns.

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Our founder

Karen Munger

Growing up, I lived in many places - Texas, the Pacific Northwest, and also overseas in Central America and the Caribbean. My family also vacationed by traveling by VW bus to many national parks. Perhaps this exposure to various places helped create my appreciation of people, cultures, beauty and nature. That, in turn, spilled over into wanting to make beautiful things!

With a heritage of makers in my family - quilters, sewers, chocheters, painters - my love for handmade items began at an early age. I remember learning to sew and embroider as a young girl. Most of my clothing was custom sewn by Grandbaker, my grandmother, my mom or me. So I began to understand the concept of imagining something before it was made.

Eventually, that grew into a love of all things fiber! Never wanting to stop learning, I learned to knit at age 50 and recently began tapestry and rug weaving. Even tried my hand at basket making and tatting...just try to keep me from learning new things!

As a creative thinker, if I wanted to make something I would figure out how to do it, usually starting with a conceptual pencil sketch. A graphic designer by trade, I began putting those sewing and knitting creations in writing so others could join me. I hope that somewhere among these patterns, you too will be inspired and find something you'd like to make. Surround yourself with handmade things!

Relax. Dream. Create.

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